Outstanding at Outstanding

As a creative and food enthusiast, I've always respected and appreciated experiences that are unorthodox, thought out, and well executed. Since 1999 Outstanding In The Field flipped the farm to table concept and brought the table to the farm or wherever the destination. From beaches, farms, vineyards, mountains, streets, dams, to lakes and any other scenic spaces, OITF incorporates food from the surroundings to highlight to their dinners. Imagine taking a restaurant that you’ve traveled with to all 50 states and 16 countries to a farm in Matthews North Carolina where all ingredients were utilized to highlight your dining experience. The dinner was lead by host, artist and Chef Gladys Noth who has also done multiple OITF dinners. Chef Greg Collier of Uptown Yolk, Soulfood Sessions, and Leah & Louise. Along with Chef Greg was fellow Soulfood Sessions member and Mixologist, Justin Hazelton who crafted up some memorable cocktails.

Outstanding In The Field was created by Jim Denevan who is also a phenomenal artist who uses Earth and her elements as his canvas drawing contemporary shapes in large sizes that are then washed away by the same elements that’s used to create them. From my perspective, he took the same approach to his artistic vision to apply it to OITF.

Experiencing this was euphoric from the intent in setting up the tables and chairs. The ice cold and wet towels that were available for every individual to combat the summer heat. The cocktails and the ingredients that went into setting the mood. And the food that was prepared, shared, and sparked conversations.

I’ve experienced a lot of dinners, but this is the best one aesthetically.