Jonathan Cooper

Photo by Josh Galloway.

Welcome and thank you for taking the time to learn about me. I’ve been a photographer for roughly 10 years and over that time period, I’ve expanded my horizons in creativity while covering a wide range of subjects from photographing fashion, concerts, public figures, corporate and interior design, to my current niche, food and beverage for various magazines and other media outlets and establishments. Most of my work has been utilized for magazine articles, covers, personal branding, and other marketing materials. With the intent of boosting sales, attracting attention, and creating a movement, the creative process is well thought-out for effective execution.

Some of my creative inspirations and come from my travels and experiences abroad. Over the years of traveling and exploring places such as Los Angeles, New York, Barcelona, Madrid, Marrakech, London, Toronto, Paris, and other cities within the US, I’ve been blessed with creative empowerment. Pulling inspiration from outside influences to implement into my craft in order to create breathtaking visuals is the objective. Allowing me to tell your story through my perspective as not only a consumer, but as your service provider is the key to effective visual storytelling.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please fill out the questionnaire or send me an email at iamcoopernicus@gmail.com